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Yeah, so metal gear (actually the fandom mostly) has been more than a bit disappointing lately (the reaction to the reaction to quiet), so im moving onto fresher, more terrifying grounds.

Silent hill and resident evil.

it does help that both series have a) more games, and b) more games that i can actually play. So yeah. b/c im trash, ive got fic in mind, but nothing near completion. like everything else i write haaaaaa

Also, has anyone else noticed the weird thing in fanfic (mostly badfic) where the narrating character will just stop and describe how sexy the romantic interest is? Like

"Oh no," said the man in immediate danger of dying, "you have to stop the bomb!"

Protagonist looked at him. He was... cute, with full sexy lips, and soft, mousey hair. His skin looked smooth, and he was wearing a jacket that showed off a stretch of pale skin when he raised his arms to shriek in terror.

And then romantic interest blows up b/c the protag is too full of libido to do anything useful

Also like the words "cute" and "sexy" are used wayyyy too much. Its creepy when full grown adults are refered to as 'cute'; tbh its like infanfilising. and then they use sexy in the same sentence and its this weird psuedo pedophillic vide that creeps me out.

but yeah
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